The Canine Training Solutions Commitment

Canine Training Solutions trains you to train your dog to behave in the home, in public places, and among other dogs and people. We make the promise to you that if you follow the training outline we give you, do your homework, and train your dog at home and in different places you will have a well trained and well-behaved dog. The picture to the right is Sydney and her dog, Lobo.  Sydney is the future of our sport. Many thanks to Kathy Partch of Jo Kay Sedona German Shepherds for allowing us to share her picture on our website .  


Before any type of successful training can occur, there must be love, bonding, and respect between the dog and dog owner.  

The training methodology of Canine Training Solutions is based on positive reinforcement. Dogs are like us humans. Every dog is an individual.  Dogs respond differently to training when using rewards such as treats, toys, and lot's of praise. Understanding canine psychology and your breed of dog

will enhance your training.  Make it FUN and you will be successful.